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Dear Lumberjacks,
        The Diboll Athletic Department will strive for a high level of sportsmanship and competition. We will achieve these standards with good moral character, self-discipline, and school pride. The Lumberjack family will create a sense of self-worth and life-long experiences for our student athletes.
        Participation in athletics means more than competition between two individuals or two teams representing two different schools. It teaches fair play, sportsmanship, understanding and appreciation of teamwork. It also teaches that quitting means failure, while hard work means success. The conduct of an athlete in relation to his sport is closely related to all other areas of life. You are on the brink of finding out that it takes mental toughness and hard physical work to compete in this world. When you become a member of a team, you should put things in their proper perspective and always work hard to maintain these priorities; it’s not about me. As a student/athlete you are always under scrutiny. Athletes must have strength of character and be constantly aware of the role they have assumed. They must be certain they present to their peers, teachers, and community respect, sincerity, and honesty expected of a young lady or gentleman. Remember we are all ambassadors of our school, in which we will promote self-discipline and team unity. We will place our focus on the team not on individuals. As a program we should always represent the “D”.
Diboll Coaching Staff
Diboll Junior High School
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