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Volunteer Information

Every campus at Diboll ISD has a need for volunteers and mentors.
Who can volunteer?
Anyone who has a valid ID and can complete a criminal history check conducted by the district.

What would I do as volunteer?
There are many jobs that the staff can use help with. Volunteers can do anything from helping the children in the cafeteria, reading a book to a child at primary or elementary, having lunch with a student, do bulletin boards, assist with field days/trips, monitor during testing, or tutoring a student/group of students.

How do I volunteer?
* Complete the 2 forms attached (on the web page)
* The forms go to either the campus counselor or Charlotte Morris at the Family Education Center
* Once the Criminal History check is cleared you may start volunteering at the campus of your choice.
* Talk to the counselor at your campus of choice and let them know what you would like to help with and when you will be available.
* Please sign in and sign out at the receptionist desk each time you volunteer.
* You may be required to present your driver’s license each time you visit the campus.

If there are further questions please contact Charlotte Morris at 829-3744.